Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So last weekend my husband and I went back to our hometown to do some business. We both have our families there. My husband has a niece, she'll be four on Sunday. We asked her if she'd like to come stay with us for the week. She hesitated but agreed. Her mom was nervous and I have to admit, I was too. I don't have kids. I've never had to take care of kids longer than a few hours, let alone an entire week. But I said hey what's the worst that could happen. Lol.
So she came with us. It was about a 7 hr drive. Long trip with the, are we there yet?! Lol but it made me laugh. I remember doing that to my dad when I was little.
Well, its been three days and boy an I exhausted. This little girl talks and talks and talks. She wants to play 24/7. She follows me everywhere. She always wants to be at the park. Man, props to all you stay at home moms. Its fun but then again I like "me" time. And right now the only time I get is in the bathroom. We'll see how the rest of the week turns out. But right now its almost 10:30 pm and im on my phone because I haven't been alone all day. And I miss my husband. When he gets home, my niece is all over him until she gets put to bed. We hardly talk. But oh well, it's just one week. I'll keep everyone posted. Bye for now.

Life is good. (But hectic)