Friday, March 28, 2014


The sun is out, its a beautiful day and TGIF right? Well it would be a great morning if my apartment didn't smell of shrimp. yuck! I made my husband lunch last night, which consisted of pasta penne, shrimp, and mushroom in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Now the apt reeks of shrimp and I do not like any type of sea food. Nope. 
Now what am I going to make today for dinner? I already made mole, beans, beef stew, and sausage pasta with Vodka sauce this week. I'm thinking Mexican spaghetti and thin cut beef sirloin steak. Yum! If you hadn't already figured it out yet, yes I'm Mexican. So most of my meals are mainly Mexican food. But I like to throw in Italian food. Mix it up a little.  I don't know how to cook everything yet but I am learning. I might just post a few Mexican recipes on here if anyone is interested. Let me know!

Well, I better get to cleaning this apartment. Tell me how such a tiny place gets so messy with only two people living in it. You would think we have kids. Well let me start before the MR. gets home and asks what I've been doing all day. Gee, I don't know, not writing my blog. :) 

One last thing before I let you get back to life, I am working on organizational projects. Here is one I thought I'd share. It's pretty quite cheap, all you need is a hanger, and shower curtain hooks. I use this to hang my tank tops. It saves so much space and now they don't get lost in my drawers. I can easily find the one I need without having to search and search. I have mine on a plastic clothes hanger but I'm going to switch to a metal one. I think it will hold better. Let me know what you think.

Ok now really, bye!

Life is good

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